Adelaide's coffee scene has come a long way in recent years. Far from offering just a single dark-roasted blend, many cafes now offer multiple beans and extraction methods. But whether you're a fan of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe poured through a V60, or a full-bodied Brazilian extracted into a latte, these spots have you covered. Go on, get that day started.

Exchange Specialty Coffee


A seasonal espresso blend and of-the-day single origins.

Shops 1-3 12-18 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide



Expert coffee in breezy surrounds.

96 Gilles Street, Adelaide

Elementary Coffee


Drink your coffee right next to the machine it was roasted in.

9-17 Young Street, Adelaide

Larry & Ladd


Coffee waking up the old Regent Arcade.

Shop 36, Regent Arcade 101-109 Rundle Mall, Adelaide

My Kingdom For A Horse


Roasting on-site and all the extractions you could ever want.

191-195 Wright Street, Adelaide
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Crack Kitchen


Where the Loose Caboose crew roasts its beans.

13 Franklin Street, Adelaide

Tell Henry


Top coffee and a concise menu.

52 The Parade, Norwood

Coffee Branch


Tiny and always full.

32 Leigh Street, Adelaide

Fiefy’s Specialty Cafe


Two rapid-fire locations in the CBD.

The Coffee Barun


Looks like a chemistry lab.

219 Main North Road, Sefton Park

Coffee by the Beans


A destination for coffee geeks and casual drinkers alike.

3 394 Henley Beach Road, Lockleys

Leisurely Coffee


This cafe in the former Paddy's Lantern site opened in October 2020. The interior’s had a refit and a new kitchen installed, but the trusty Synesso espresso machine that served Paddy’s so well for over a decade remains. Come for the “barista’s breakfast” (a potent coffee trio); handmade dumplings; a croissant with soft-shell crab and scrambled eggs; and halal bao buns with “beef bacon” and egg.

219 Gilbert Street, Adelaide

FIX Specialty Coffee


The first stockist of Melbourne's Wide Open Road.

27 Torrens Street, College Park

The Loose Caboose


A modern cafe and roaster in a historic setting.

21 First Street, Hindmarsh
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