Colombia y Brasil: El Gran Mono x Solidarity Sound System

Sat 3rd September, 2022
6:30pm – 12:30am
Price: $32.64
Two trailblazing Melbourne sound systems – one of which is three metres tall and painted with a giant ape – come together in a celebration of South American music.

Party with a giant ape tearing apart Flinders Street Station amidst fluro-green lights – not literally, but El Gran Mono's wild, psychedelic art is close enough.

The three-metre-high sound system is the first pico sound system built outside Colombia. Pico traditionally play African and Afro-Colombian music for large dance parties, rarely held outside of South America.

But there's one happening inside Brunswick's Howler. El Gran Mono is being joined by Solidarity Sound System, the Melbourne renegade sound system that plays righteous protest music, for a celebration of Colombian and Brazilian music and sound system culture.

On the El Gran Mono side, hear the signature Afro-Colombian sounds of pico with tunes from Jumps, Prince Bastard, and Julia Towers, alongside MC Oscar Jimenez and dance-crew Selva y Tambó. Or cross the room to hear from DJs like Walla C, Lixxxtrado, and Joe Dubs, plus MC Mario Broder and dance-crew Dança Popular Brasileira.

From 6.30pm to 12.30am.

More information here.