In 2016 the New York Times ran an article titled, Is the World’s Best Croissant Made in Australia? The publication was referring to Lune, the hugely popular croissanterie that was opened in Melbourne in 2012 by Kate Reid, a Formula One aerodynamicist. It’s since expanded its footprint in the southern city and opened a store in Brisbane – but notably hasn’t yet made an appearance in Sydney. Yet.

Way back in February 2020, the pastry-makers confirmed they would be coming to the Harbour City. And in August 2021, they told Broadsheet that plans were still afoot to head north. Since then, it’s been crickets. But now, in an interview with Broadsheet’s Brisbane editor-at-large Matt Shea, Lune co-owner Cam Reid has confirmed they will open in Darlinghurst in early 2023.

Cam remains tight-lipped about where in the inner-eastern suburb Lune will reside. But he has confirmed Melbourne-based architecture and design firm Ewert Leaf – which is currently designing Lune’s second Brisbane store – will also oversee the design of the Sydney offshoot.

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“Ewert Leaf were actually working on our original Sydney concept, which was in Chippendale,” Cam tells Shea. “We’ve since abandoned that project and we’re doing a new one in Darlinghurst. We just wanted a chance to work with them on a project [the Brisbane store] before we got going on our Sydney one, which is early next year.”

Additional reporting by Matt Shea.