Next x Now Talk Series: Waste As A Resource

Fri 26th August, 2022
6:00pm – 7:00pm
Hanover House
Level 4, 158 City Road, Southbank
Price: $35
A panel discussion that explores the future possibilities for the productive use of waste in retail spaces.

A new panel discussion will put the retail industry under a microscope, examining the changes that could be made for a new generation of consumers.

Waste As A Resource comes at a time when entire industries need to reimagine their relationships with waste.

Held as part of Next x Now, a monthly talk series at Beta By Sth Bnk in Melbourne, this month running throughout August, a panel of industry experts will explore how waste could be reframed as a resource in a future that is shaped by circular design. The discussion will cover what the future of retail looks like, the possibility (and responsibility) of finding productive solutions for waste in retail spaces, and the benefits of integrating waste materials into current retail frameworks.

The event will be hosted by design leader and academic Karen Webster, who is the Dean and Principal of the Australian campus of internationally acclaimed Design Institute LCI, with panel guests including Timothy Moore (Sibling Architecture); Blake Witherow (Precious Plastics Melbourne); Amanda Morgan (Fungi Solutions), and ceramicist Clare Ellis.

This article is produced by Broadsheet in partnership with Beta By Sth Bnk.