It’s time to put away the pint-sized pastel puffers, tiny toddler turtlenecks and bitsy baby beanies – warmer weather is almost here, and your little one should dress the part.

Inspired by summer adventures overseas, Australian baby clothing label Purebaby has released a new summer collection that’ll take your tyke there – whether that means dressing them up for your holiday or bringing the jungle vibes home through their outfits.

Tropical Jungle features playful designs like a cheetah and a crocodile on a vespa, dancing monkeys and a cycling turtle, plus other patterns with jaguars, tropical fruits, jungle flora, parrots and more. They all come in a mix of detailed embroidery, cartoon appliques, watercolour prints and vibrant patterns, in shades like butter yellow, pretty lilac, rich teal, neutral cream and soft auburn.

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There are more than 140 items in the collection, including bodysuits, pants and shorts, dresses, growsuits, jumpers, cardigans, rompers, swaddles, tees, and even accessories like hats, headbands and bibs. Coordinating an outfit is easy, with some items sold as sets, or you can seamlessly mix and match different pieces.

As with all of Purebaby’s products, the Tropical Jungle collection is made with soft, certified-organic cotton grown without the use of pesticides for a reduced environmental impact. Sizes range from newborn 0000 to clothes for five-year-olds, plus XS to L for hats.

Available in-store and online.

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